Control over Tongue-Tie/Ankyloglossia – Surgery with Dental Laser


Tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) is really a hereditary condition that restricts the tongue’s flexibility.  An abnormally short, thick or tight gang of tissue (lingual frenulum) attaches the foot of the tongue’s tip towards the floor from the mouth, causing difficulties in infants to their adult years through adolescence. Breast-feeding in infants, difficulty while eating, speaking, swallowing malocclusion, anti snoring are couple of to say.

Clinical assessment of tongue tie

The most typical used scales for tongue tie assessment are

A) Hazelbaker scale

B) Koltow scale

In infants full feeding assessment can also be needed


Tongue tie treatment rely on severity and is an extremely questionable subject. There’s two variants of tongue-tie, Anterior and posterior. Posterior tongue tie is tough to identify and treat. The lingual frenulum may release with time, resolving tongue-tie. In some cases, tongue-tie persists causing problems. Surgical procedure of tongue-tie may be required for such infants , children or adults as tongue-tie causes problems. Surgical treatments incorporate a frenotomy or frenuloplasty.

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